What is “Elevate”?





Get back on track with the new Elevate programme: high performance lifestyle coaching designed to “elevate” your body and mind!


-boost your health, happiness vitality and productivity

-discover the foods that make you thrive with individualised nutrition and weight loss options

-change your body with a choice of short daily workouts

-daily support, accountability, motivation and coaching to work on your goals and mindset

-takes into consideration what you enjoy and what makes you tick!


A qualified life and executive coach, I will work with you and give you the tools you need to achieve amazing and sustainable results that will become part of your lifestyle!


The programme is 3 x 21 day programmes made up of a different focus each week.

You will be experiencing all of the different nutritional protocols and working out which one suits you personally.

*Carb cycling
*Calorie counting
*Intermittent fasting.

ALL work but it's understanding which one suits you and makes you THRIVE.

Every week will begin with:

* Weight, measure and stats.
* Goal setting and expectations for the week.
* Big picture thinking, health and wellbeing goals.
* Real-world weightloss goals and obtainable results.
* Plan for the week.

*Workout scheduling

* Your weekly social overview – have you got social functions that we can factor in and help you with so you don't sabotage your results!


Total Body Reset


21 Day Programme

7 Day NEW Reset & Refocus  – 7 New Full Body Equipment-Free Workouts
7 Day NEW Midsection Meltdown –  7 New Midsection Meltdown Workouts to work on the Abs, Core & Midsection.
7 Day NEW –  7 x Supersculpt Workouts weighted workouts plus Freestyle Yoga and Fitness Pilates


Body Transformation









21 Day Programme
7 Day New 7 x  Lift Lean Workouts – Full body weights and kettlebells
7 Day New  7 x  LIFT LEAN Vitality  – Lift Lean and Cardio workouts.
7 Day New  7 x  LIFT LEAN SPLIT -Split Day Training Monday Legs/Tue Upper/Wed Core etc











21 Day Programme 

7 Day Super Charge Body Reset – Full Body Reshape with weights
7 Day Super Charge Midsection Meltdown – Abs and Core
7 Day Super Charge Total Mind and Body – Weights, Cardio, Yoga & Pilates.

You a jump onto 1 x 21 dayer, 2 x 21 dayers or get the Full programme and package

SIGN UP FOR THE FULL 3 MONTHS: £120.00 or £150 when you combine with 1 live class per week


Individual 21 day Programme £50 or £65 when you combine with 1 live class per week

1 week programme £27 or £32 when you combine with 1 live class per week

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