I reckon I lost 4 lbs and 3.5 inches from chest, waist and hips. I know the focus wasn’t on weight loss as such, but had found it hard shifting those few pounds so I was pleased. I really enjoyed cooking from scratch. I followed the more “scenic route” and didn’t do a strict detox. I found the Club sessions -  all the talks, information and workouts - motivating and also used the on line Kick Start support including Rachel’s video workouts! I liked the support from our “whats app” group. Looking forward to Lift Lean in January! Thanks for all your help and the effort you put into Kick Start.

Jane Earl


Initially I thought not another diet! Ive tried so many over the years but felt this one was really targeted at women around my age. I loved the weekly HIIT session and accompanying discussion on health issues impacted by what we put in our mouths. It got me looking at exactly what I was putting in my body and the impact this was having on my well being. The programme changed my way of thinking about food, my skin improved and I felt better within. The menu plans were simple and I found the whats app group discussions gave me recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and supper. I now cook with coconut oil, understanding its benefits, the coconut chicken recipe is now a family favourite and my energy levels are high! I have tried to adapt the food changes going forward, I refer to the booklet given at our first meeting to keep on track, load may it continue! Thank you Robin for your continuous support!

Melissa Smith


I found the Detox challenging in the beginning as I had to stop reaching for processed foods but found the KS Vegetarian Programme very helpful. The recipes were very tasty and didn’t feel restrictive. Caffeine and alcohol weren’t a problem for me as I drink herbal tea and only have the occasional drink. I've improved my sleeping patterns and go to bed earlier. Stress is a tricky one but your classes counteract this. Christmas has been surprising as I expected to go off the rails but I haven’t felt like grazing on chocolate and biscuits as in previous years! You asked about measurements, the tape measure didn’t show much difference but the “jeans test” did so Im happy with that over the 5 week period. I definitely don’t feel as chunky! Ive been able to make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes and would like to thank you for all your support and encouragement during Kick Start.

Louise Nuttall


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