What is Lift Lean?

  • are you struggling with mid section weight gain that won’t shift?

  • do you want to increase muscle tone, definition, strength, fitness and endurance?

  • are you struggling with high impact workouts due to joint pain?

  • has your nutrition spiralled out of control?

  • do these classes with our online kick start programmes for optimum weightloss and wellness results

If so the LIFT LEAN Programme with the 5:2 diet is the one for you!

The Lift Lean workout is based on weights and resistance training set to timed music designed to fit into the busiest of schedules. You can also incorporate Fitness Pilates into the Programme as a different option. This is ideal for those recovering from injury or if you need to build up to working out with weights. 


The 5:2 method is a tried and tested nutrition plan providing more flexibility to fit into busy lifestyles. It is easily sustainable meaning you don’t just pile the weight back on following the plan. Combine this with daily information and coaching on mindset, goal setting etc and you have a formula that will get you results! You can also combine the on line Programme with live classes.  We offer 2 classes on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

-21 daily workouts
-21 daily nutrition videos and live coaching

Full Progamme: £67