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360fit will transform you from the inside out!


Our personal training sessions, classes and on-line courses guarantee impressive results. We offer high performance health and fitness coaching designed to boost both body and mind.


We cover everything from motivation and nutrition to posture in a safe and effective environment, inside or out!


  • Maximise metabolic momentum to melt fat and change your body with tailored workout

  • Boost health, happiness, vitality and productivity

  • Discover the foods that make you thrive with individualised nutrition and weight loss options

  • Specific corrective exercises for injury management and rehabilitation


Let us give you the confidence to know you look and feel great, the energy to live life to the full and a whole new attitude to health and fitness.




Kick Start Fat Loss
Realworld Weightloss and Wellness
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Zoom classes @ £7.50

One to one zoom sessions and prerecorded workouts also available.

Contact Robin on 07884 375332


Our Classes

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Kick Start

Kick Start is an online weightless and wellness programme with the option of adding “live” classes


From beginners to advanced -  this class is sociable and supportive, you'll feel renewed and refreshed!


This is the hottest new workout, combining yoga, ballet and pilates, this class will make you lean and strong!

Boot Camp

Fast fun and fantastic, this is how you shed pounds and kick start your fitness. Let's not mess around, with classes 3 times a week, let's get out there!

Personal Training

Whatever your goals or challenges let us design and deliver a personalised programme to get you the results you deserve in the shortest possible time.


Make a power move! You'll sweat, stretch and lengthen in this low impact, high intensity workout based on yoga + pilates + nonstop movement!

Lift Lean

Do you want to increase muscle tone, definition, strength, fitness and endurance? Lift Lean is a workout with weights designed to sculpt your body.



Classes are currently suspended
All Classes and training by Zoom
* as a guide, classes cost £5 per trial then generally £10. PAYE rates also available + discounts for multiple classes


PILATES - Little Bookham Village Hall - 7pm

BARRE - Little Bookham Village Hall - 8pm


BOOTCAMP / CIRCUITS - Kingston Meadows East Horsley - 8.45am

PILATES - Stoke D'Abernon Village Hall - 5.20pm


BARRE EXPRESS - St Martins Hall Effingham - 6.30pm

LIFT LEAN - St Martins Hall Effingham - 7.20pm

PILATES - St Martins Hall Effingham - 8.05pm


BARRE - St Martins Hall Effingham  - 10.15am     


Saturday Circuits - West Horsley  Goodhart-Rendel Hall/Kingston Meadows


BOOTCAMP / CIRCUITS - Cobham Recreation Ground  - 10/10.30am

Holiday Classes

Holiday classes normally run on Monday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings

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I'm a keen golfer who had struggled with a back injury for a number of years.


Pilates was recommended to me as a way to strengthen my 'core' and thereby relieving  pressure on my back. I was very sceptical but was willing to give it a try.


I've now been regularly attending Robin's classes for about two years and the improvement in my back has been remarkable.


Chris Stamper


I have been having private Pilates sessions with Robin for over 3 years. I am a keen, competitive sportswoman and I rely on her professionalism and techniques.


She increases my mobility significantly and has been a great help getting me through a number of injuries. Her range of teaching skills means that she is adaptable to my needs and makes my sessions both fruitful and enjoyable.


Clare Mathias


What a great class with Robin.  Cardio, elements of pilates, yoga and lots more.  Excellent overall workout with very quick results.  


If you've ever wondered what barre is all about, come and try this fun, friendly class.  


Good for all ages and abilities.

Jan Earl


Personal Training - I always thought of PT training as a luxury but have changed my view entirely with Robin's sessions.  Each week she has a different plan, which I then get my family motivated and doing with me other days!  She's had me rambling through the woods, jumping over hurdles and doing all sorts of things with weights, it's made my excercise sessions fun and inspiring.  


I now think a once a week PT session is an essential in life.  Try it... 


Allie Gill


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About us

Robin Edwards

Robin has worked full time in the health & fitness industry for over 10 years.  She is passionate about helping people to improve their fitness and develop a zest for life. She is motivating fun and inspiring to be around. 



Qualifications include...

  • Advanced personal training

  • Level 3 Pilates Instructor

  • Licenced trainer - BarreConcept PIYO and Barre Fitness

  • Level 3 yoga instructor

  • Qualitfied Exec and Life coach

  • Nutrition advice

Brian Hooper

Former Olympic pole vaulting athlete and three times BBC's World Superstars champion!  


Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the 360 team.

CALL 07884 375332